White Wines




Red Wines




Wagon Trail White —

a semi-dry, crisp Vidal Blanc with overtones of melons and citrus.




Rogues Hollow Red —

bold, dry red wine blend with rich flavors of black cherry balanced by soft tannins and oak aging.





Homestead —

a semi-sweet Riesling with crisp and refreshing flavors of apples, apricots and peaches.




Trading Post —

a blend of Chambourcin, Foch and Frontenac grapes finished in French Oak. Honored with Ohio Quality Wine distinction.





Chippewa Crossings —

semi-sweet with fresh grapey bouquet made from Niagara grapes.




Western Reserve —

medium-bodied Cab Franc with flavors of berries, dried fruit and spice. Aged in Hungarian Oak.





Canalways —

relaxing white opens with traditional foxy Catawba fragrances and finishes sweet.




Coal Miner’s Claim —

a dark, semi-sweet concord wine named for the hard-working miners of nearby mines. Grandpa Sabo was a proud miner.





White Tail —

sweet and fruity with apricot and honey aromas.





Red Tail —

sweet blend with flavors of chocolate and blackberry.






Blush Wine




Fruit Wines




Pioneer Picnic —

a semi-sweet blend of American native grapes. Perfect for a romantic summer picnic.





Sister Smiles —

a light, semi-sweet peach wine. Perfect summer sipping wine. Special tribute to the owners’ 10 sisters who are sweet to the core.




Buckeye Blend —

created from estate and locally-grown grapes, this sweet blend offers hints of berry and black cherry.




Creekside —

semi-sweet strawberry wine bursting with
ripe berry flavor.









Heartland Harvest —

a semi-sweet crisp wine created from locally grown apples is a tribute to our state's most famous apple pioneer — "Johnny Appleseed."



There are no other beverages allowed on winery premises other than the ones we sell.